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Commencement of Admiral’s Cup Sailing Regatta 2019

The 10th Admiral’s Cup Sailing Regatta commenced at the Indian Naval Academy situated at Ezhimala. The event was inaugurated by Dinesh K. Tripathi who is the Vice-Admiral. The inauguration happened with an impressive ceremony at the Ettikulam Beach. 25 foreign teams will be participating in the 2019 sailing regatta for the Admirals’ Cup. The teams include Bahrain, Bulgaria, Egypt, Malaysia, Japan, Australia, Bangladesh, Russia, Oman, South Africa, United Kingdom, China, Netherlands, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, USA, Portugal, Myanmar, Singapore, Indonesia, France, UAE, Israel, Nigeria, and Poland. They will be competing with two teams representing India, one the INA Ezhimala and one from the National Defence Academy that is situated in Khadakwasla.

The regatta will be conducted in boats particularly used for Laser Radial sailing. The regatta races are scheduled to happen for the next four days at the Ettikulam Bay from where the race started. The sailing races have been divided into two-The Initial Series and the Final Series. In the initial stage, all teams will sail in a total of six races while forming up into two groups. Each of the groups will have one boat for each participating country. (more…)

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Baldwin Cup Race 2019

The Baldwin Cup race was held recently, their 2019th edition and its venue was Newport Beach, California. There was a close competition for three days in the Newport Beach area and it might not be a coincidence that the local team won the trophy.

The winner of the 2019 edition of Baldwin Cup was Newport Harbor Yacht Club. Their team, nicknamed Lightning, won first place while second place was claimed by Larchmont Yacht Club. The championship was a close one, especially on the last day. The sail off between the first and the second teams started with a light breeze of six knots which then built to 12 knots in the westerly direction.

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Martinique Regatta Flying In Forte De France

Along the roasting 3o degrees Celsius of the day, a race was held between classes which were the second day of Martinique Regatta Flying. It is the Carribean’s first regatta which has been exclusively held for foiling boats.

Before this, three races had been held of Karibea Sea Challenge. The first winners from the classes got to the ultimate Sea Challenge and the winner will be rewarded with a free holiday.

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Kiwi Sailors Aim To Reach The Top At Youth Worlds

This week, we can see some of the country’s most talented sailors compete in the United States at the youth sailing world championships. The competition is the pinnacle event for sailors of New Zealand since the first event that took place in 1971 has already won them 51 medals out of which 16 are gold, 18 are silver and 17 are bronze.

Some of the top sailors of New Zealand in the past have achieved titles at the same level and some of the names include Tom Ashley, Dean Barker, Russell Coutts and Chris Dickson. In addition, over 50 percent of the existing New Zealand Sailing Team has already been former medal achievers at the Youth Worlds. Sam Meech won gold medal in the Laser event in 2009 and won silver in 2008. Josh Junior won silver medal in 2007, Alex Maloney won silver in 2010 and Blair Tuke won silver in 2007.

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ESS San Diego Ends

For those who have been following the Extreme Sailing Series that was on in San Diego would have seen the close finishes that the teams had which was concluded this week. The SAP Extreme Sailing team one to put in a great performance which brought the lead of Alinghi to dwindle when the seventh act was underway at the extreme sailing series.


There were six races in total that the fleet of world class standards took part in. The crowd got to see the exciting foiling action up closes as well as nosedives that were hair rising. The Danish team puts in four “bullet like performances” to climb to the second spot. The SAP team later stated that the sailing had been fantastic and there had been a lot of breeze that helped to make the races exhilarating. The team sharpened up after the first day of the race and the rest of the day there were perfect maneuvers that they made.

Alinghi reached the podium four times in the six races and had a win, which has given them an overnight lead though the margin is a narrow one. The Team Extreme San Diego had Morgan Larson as the skipper who had also been a champion in a former series. He reminded the fleet that he could give them an epic finish that was a close race. The second place finish that they obtained was a delight to watch as well. He admits that the bottom positions that they started with had caused some disappointments, but they did work on their techniques that resulted in them gaining a better position. Larson stated that the event and the venue were great as well and the crowd cheering for the local boat also made a big difference. The extreme series stood up to the features that it is known for in this chapter even.

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Oman Air At ESS San Diego

In the ESS San Diego chapter Oman Air has been able to keep their place on the podium. The series chapter that is ongoing in San Diego saw the team Oman Air hold onto their positions after the third day which was a challenging one. The conditions for sailing were changing due to the unpredicted breeze direction. As a result the races were tightly contested. The harbor course for the race led to several opportunities that led to bigger gains and often bigger losses for certain vessels of the fleet each of which were GC32 catamarans of high speed foiling nature.


There were solid results that were the outcome of the races. There were two second positions, but the Oman Air was ahead of Red Bull team by four points. The penultimate day ended with BAR having 11 points behind the team Oman Air as per the leader board positions.

Among those who fared better was the SAP Extreme Sailing team. They were able to take four wins and gained two positions among the seven races that they sailed as on the third day in the competition that took place in southern California. The winners were Alinghi in the San Diego chapter where the Danish boat finished with an advantage of 14 points that gave them an edge over the leaders. As the San Diego chapter comes to a close, there is one more day to go and then the finale will come up in Mexico next month. Those who are followers of the Extreme Sailing Series will look forward to seeing the next chapter resume.

Al Mashari who is bowman aboard Oman Air stated that the team found it crucial to maintain a position on the podium. That would help them resume the final chapter, which would be held in Los Cabos, Mexico and it keeps chances open of taking the title as well.

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Larchmont Yacht Club Completes 119th Race Week

One of the oldest American yacht regattas is the one organized by Larchmont Yacht Club. This year was the 199th edition of the regatta event.

The Larchmont Race Week was held from July 15 to July 23, 2017 this year. This annual racing event is very popular one in America that attracted lots of classic yachts, one-design classes, junior boats and cruisers like before. Along with the racing events, the club also hosted the Larchmont Yacht Club Storm Trysail Club’s Jr. Safety-at-Sea Seminar.

There were two championship regattas that were organized for the first weekend of July 15 and 16. A total of 22 competitors took part in the Viper 640 Mid-Atlantic Championship. This event was won by Cardwell Potts and Ted Ferrarone of LYC. The other event that took place in the opening weekend was the Etchells Long Island Sound Championship. This event was won also won by a local Senet Bischoff. (more…)

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Club 420 Midwinter Championship Concludes

One of the recently concluded regatta events is Club 420 Midwinter championship.

This regatta was held from 18th to 20th February of this year. There were about 103 boats which participated in the event. It was held on the Jensen beach in Florida, not far from the Tampa Bay area where the Caribbean regatta was in session as well. While the Tampa Bay area has class A catamarans as part of the competitions held during the weekend, the Midwinter championship followed a racing format where races were held for two days through the qualifying rounds. The fleet was then divided into silver and god divisions as per their performances.

The regatta faced their share of weather challenges. The winds were shifty and light, though later parts of the days it was more ideal for sailing. Sailors like Olivia de Olazarra and Tucker Weed were leading in their respective categories and were announced winners on the final day. (more…)

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New Walker Club Sailing Team

There were not too many options in front of Carlyn Blauvelt. Too old to compete in Optimist sailing boats, Walker, sophomore which is 15 years old could have competed in Laser boats. However, to compete with the USA, sophomore needed affiliation with high school so as to race in 2 person 420 sailboats.

Hence, the Blauvelt sisters formed a team of their own. They wanted to come up with a sailing team that was competitive enough to keep them going. The director of Walker athletics Leigh Block said that he gave them a green signal to form a club team.

The two sisters felt that their classmates would find it joyful and they also had a dream to represent the school. The club team helped them gain access to their aspirations. It was indeed a great sense of achievement for the two sisters as per the director. (more…)

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