Act 7 Extreme Sailing Series

With Act 7 having started in the Extreme Sailing series in Lisbon, the first day, October 7th, 2016 reported good weather conditions for the teams. Alinghi is the Swiss team, found the weather to be favorable in order to consolidate their position in Act 7, continuing from their leading position in Act 6.

The weather was perfect as the catamarans were able to fly in the waters. Alinghi team lost out only three points from the maximum score 60 that they can achieve. This is a result of two wins in races and three second positions that they obtained. The display of the team was dominant as they sailed on River Tagus that was the venue for the team race that day.

The team definitely mastered the winds very well, having practices them very well the week before on a week away with Scottish yacht charters. They have been able to make the most of the light airs that they obtained with a strong tide and light air that moved at five or seven knots. The finish was at fifteen knots in total. They were able to fly the catamarans at GC32 which literally flew out of the water as they sped on their foils.

The team has been able to showcase consistent performance and the difference between them and their challengers is a total of 14 points. Their closest challengers are the Norauto team that has the Groupama Team France members on board. This team made a wild card entry into the Extreme Sailing Series, which is their debut appearance.

The other challengers are Oman Air that is behind the Alinghi team now. There are about two days of the race that still remain. There would be a finale this Sunday where there would be a chance to double the points. There is more breezes forecasted for the upcoming days and hence, the teams cannot afford to be complacent as yet.