11 comments on “Boaters – Learn How to Improve your Boating Skills the Easy Way”

  1. exrescueswimmer says:

    Best advice i received starting out was don’t go any faster than you are
    willing to bump into something

  2. Mahir Akkus says:

    whats the brand of that cat boat

  3. Ruth Williams says:

    Yep, everyone who is new to boating needs to watch this.

  4. Klaus Kobald says:

    You can try it with this nice app before crashing your real boat:

  5. --------MASTER Pilot------ Gaming and Reviews says:

    Do u have a marine gps under $550 for sale?

  6. Boating Nashville says:

    People who want to boat need to watch this and remain safe! Thanks for the

  7. NatWomen Boaters says:

    Some useful tips

  8. Dan Haun says:

    This is a great video for people that are new to boating. So many people
    buy a boat and head out on the water with little or no knowledge of

  9. elemsit says:

    damn that dude is nice at parkin boats. on the real.

  10. mjflemming kidd says:

    Some what informative. thanx

  11. Grace Herbert says:

    I’m getting my jet ski licens tomorrow studying like crazy

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