8 comments on “Boating Basics”

  1. m dopera says:

    Did they mention to check the drain plug is installed before putting boat
    in water. If so, i missed it.

  2. Christopher Ritchie says:

    is there a way you download those two documents @ 6:00

  3. Oscar Lopez says:
  4. Innocent Wodzisz Jr says:

    Thanks friend 

  5. Miguel Oviedo says:

    Very usefull!!

  6. Dan Haun says:

    I could not agree more with the statement of “Operating a boat means more
    than just getting in and turning a key.” I have many customers that buy
    boats and have absolutely no boating knowledge. This video does a good job
    of showing the basics to boating.

  7. Jackson Roberts says:

    whT KIND OF boat was at 2;53

  8. charlie bucket says:

    he filled the boat while it was on!!! FAIL!!!!

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