25 comments on “Boating from Miami to The Bahamas in a 21 Foot Ski Boat”

  1. Eric McKenzie says:

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  2. Lauren Johnson says:

    hey thanks for the email eric! great clip as usual! showed my husband;
    makes me want to run away and never come home!!

  3. omajka says:

    Boating to Bahamas (suggestions):
    1. Register with Small Vessel Reporting System (U.S. Customs and Border
    2. Get towing insurance (BoatU.S.)
    3. Check Bahamas Summer Boating Fling, organize by, The Bahamas Tourist
    Office (they will help with paper work and guide you the first time
    4. Get spare parts: belts, impeller, oil and fuel filter.
    5. Good working radio (VHF) a must.
    6. Harbour Towne Marina in Ft. Lauderdale, truck and trailer parking.
    7. Good underwater camera, change moisture pads often.
    8. Weather is the key to good crossing, you may wait a day(check my video,
    we cross in 2-6ft seas).

  4. Kim Darling says:

    we are planning a trip this may leaving Miami on the 9th to Bimini

  5. Steven Dockery says:

    Awesome video! I find myself coming back to watch it over and over, again
    and again. Very inspiring. 

  6. James Flagg says:

    One of the coolest video’s i’ve seen with all the ingredients of what life
    is all about…Family, Fun, Boating and Salt Water !!!! Only wishing we
    didnt live in a state that has such a short boating season, as I glance out
    at my 287 Bow Rider in its shrink wrap, blocked up in the
    driveway…Anxious to check out your other videos !!

  7. Isaac Anderson says:

    As a fellow boater living in southern Ontario Canada I just loved this
    video! its opened my eyes as far as what can be done with a bit of
    planning. I would love to do something like this but think renting a boat
    once down south may be a better way to go for me. Any insight as far as
    rental costs for something like this? regardless, the beauty of the tropics
    makes any cost seem irrelevant:)

  8. George Ochoa says:

    Great Video and Great time. You inspired me. I have a Rinker 20″, now I
    want to do it. It would be my first long open water trip. How long did it
    take you? This one is a bowrider is it safe to put extra gallons inside the
    engine compartment?
    Did the Mobile app worked fine without signal?
    This is the best video ever! great background music, great scenes. Good
    job! I will go with my family too.
    See if you can answer some of the questions please, It would be a great

  9. Brian Stone says:

    such a trip! thank you for making this video.

  10. redta93kwy says:

    Awesome !!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Laura Crate says:

    great video enjoyed it 

  12. omajka says:

    Looks like good time, I’m planning to go to Bimini this year in June. Will
    tow my Rinker 232 from IL. to Ft. Lauderdale and go to Bimini. Do you know
    good place to park the truck and marina to start from? Are you making this
    trip this year?

  13. Douglas Colson says:

    I am thinking on making this trip soon in a 19.5′ Bayliner Cuddy Cabin
    also, did you use GPS or navigation charts? Where did you stay when u got
    there, estimate trip cost from Miami to Bimini information will be

  14. Javier Ruiz says:

    I would like to say thank you, after this I so can see myself doing this
    trip with my 1973 sportcraft sportsman 165hp mercruiser six inline, once I
    finish getting the interior job done. How fast were you going? I cannot
    wait till next summer to give it a shot. What would you say was the hard
    part, how did you determine weather?

  15. Emmanuel Belliveau says:

    Awesome XD

  16. John Runkle says:

    hey i looking to do this with my 21′ also. i got a couple of questions tho?
    did you have to pay a port fee? ive got about 35 gallon tank did you bring
    extra gas can for the trip, how did you do the mapping? gps? charts? what
    do you recommend?

  17. ken643 says:

    Great video, fuel an issue?

  18. Jonathan Capestany says:

    awesome video. no doubt you guys had a good journey. About what time in May
    ‘2013 you went? me and buddies went on Mothers day weekend on a 28’ from
    ft Lauderdale and had a 4 hour trip, it was my first long trip since I
    recently bought the boat at that time so I had to get use to it, I believe
    we burned 60-70 gallons on dual Yamaha 225 4 strokes due to weather, we
    did a touch and go came back the next day. Im planning another trip between
    June-August when weather is better to head east. Keep on

  19. J.B. Jefferson says:

    You give me hope.

  20. cthom says:

    love this video, I wanted to make that trip last year, but haul my
    boat from MO to destin fl and had a blast. And man I think if I ran my
    rinker 232 for 6 and half hours, I would run out of gas.

  21. Roger Adez says:

    Really enjoyed your video. Must have been a great time. It looks so cool.

  22. Jonathan Capestany says:

    cool video I always liked the beaches and coral reefs. I also went by
    mothers day 2013 weekend for the first time and had a wonderful trip, took
    us 4 hrs from ft Lauderdale due to mild rough weather but certainly good
    vibe. Next trip I would like to go with couple few boats, enjoy boating.

  23. Eric McKenzie says:

    Actually a Gopro 3 Silver edition with the setting at 960 and 30FPS. I
    think I’ll turn it up to a higher setting next time but my computer now
    struggles with it as it is. Seems to be a lot of information to process I

  24. Eric McKenzie says:

    Thank You! It was an awesome trip. I’m ready for the next one.

  25. Roger Harrell says:


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