Brazil Sailing Team Of Rio

A sailing team of Brazil is upbeat about their performance in the Olympics and they are confident of winning gold this time. These assumptions are not without merit as Brazil has set high standards in sailing over the years.

It is considered one of the sports that this country has achieved high standards. There are several dreams as well as challenges that are being faced by the sailing team of the country as they prepare for Rio Games.

According to the Plain Sailing Yacht Charter magazne, the coastline of the country spans about 7400 kilometers, which is considered the longest in this part of the country. This is one of the major factors that make the nation a sailing nation. The country and its countrymen have acquired a total of 17 medals in Olympic sailing over the years.

For instance, Robert Scheidt is at the age of 43 and is a laser class category sailor. He is one of the few athletes across the world who has acquired five medals in total in sailing which include a bronze, two silver and two gold. He is more motivated this year as it would be home waters for him. The waters in the Guanabara Bay are known to most of the Brazilian sailors who are aware of the waves and wind patterns as well as the way the currents change out here.

These are definitely challenges, but familiar ones against which the sailors of this country are well acclimatized against. There are concerns such as the debris and untreated sewage into the bay waters, but work is being done on this end and it is hoped that the waters will improve by the time the regatta will commence. Many of the sailors would be having new catamarans which they hope will not have any problem smooth sailing on the bay waters.