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May 16, 2017 / by index / Marine, Olympics / No Comments

Club 420 Midwinter Championship Concludes

One of the recently concluded regatta events is Club 420 Midwinter championship.

This regatta was held from 18th to 20th February of this year. There were about 103 boats which participated in the event. It was held on the Jensen beach in Florida, not far from the Tampa Bay area where the Caribbean regatta was in session as well. While the Tampa Bay area has class A catamarans as part of the competitions held during the weekend, the Midwinter championship followed a racing format where races were held for two days through the qualifying rounds. The fleet was then divided into silver and god divisions as per their performances.

The regatta faced their share of weather challenges. The winds were shifty and light, though later parts of the days it was more ideal for sailing. Sailors like Olivia de Olazarra and Tucker Weed were leading in their respective categories and were announced winners on the final day. (more…)

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March 18, 2017 / by admin / Marine / No Comments

New Walker Club Sailing Team

There were not too many options in front of Carlyn Blauvelt. Too old to compete in Optimist sailing boats, Walker, sophomore which is 15 years old could have competed in Laser boats. However, to compete with the USA, sophomore needed affiliation with high school so as to race in 2 person 420 sailboats.

Hence, the Blauvelt sisters formed a team of their own. They wanted to come up with a sailing team that was competitive enough to keep them going. The director of Walker athletics Leigh Block said that he gave them a green signal to form a club team.

The two sisters felt that their classmates would find it joyful and they also had a dream to represent the school. The club team helped them gain access to their aspirations. It was indeed a great sense of achievement for the two sisters as per the director. (more…)

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March 10, 2017 / by index / Marine / No Comments

GC32 Fifth Season On Swing

Just like past years, in 2017 as well the GC32 Racing Tour will maintain its position of fastest and most adventurous event; the circuit is offering the ‘best possible foiling experience’ to participants and will give an easy access to five regatta circuits spanning southern Europe.

In the event those with owner-drivers and the team of professional can participate. The 2017 GC32 Racing Tour involves visit of European sailing venues that are top class and will also offer the best chance of sailing in flat water and 10-20 knot winds; it is the condition that will promote finest foiling during the race. Just like part tours this year too; the races will remain short, but destinations will allow large courses to be so. Thus the catamarans who love speed will get complete adventure.  The catamarans can stretch their legs and crew members can take big experience. With experience they will know why the GC32 Racing Tour is told as one of the fastest one designed in the world. (more…)

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November 8, 2016 / by admin / Marine / No Comments

Act 7 Extreme Sailing Series

With Act 7 having started in the Extreme Sailing series in Lisbon, the first day, October 7th, 2016 reported good weather conditions for the teams. Alinghi is the Swiss team, found the weather to be favorable in order to consolidate their position in Act 7, continuing from their leading position in Act 6.

The weather was perfect as the catamarans were able to fly in the waters. Alinghi team lost out only three points from the maximum score 60 that they can achieve. This is a result of two wins in races and three second positions that they obtained. The display of the team was dominant as they sailed on River Tagus that was the venue for the team race that day. (more…)

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June 27, 2016 / by admin / Marine / No Comments

MarineMax entering into crew placement

On Friday, at the Palm Beach International Boat Show, MarineMax announced that they are expanding into yacht management, charter of luxury megayachts and crew placement. Bob Saxon Associates, has become a part of MarineMax as part of the new endeavor which would be headquartered at MarineMax Yacht Center in Pompano Beach, Florida.

MarineMax chief executive officer and president Bill McGill told that they are really excited to declare this strategic initiative. Bob Saxon Associates is a natural fit for them expanding the breadth of their offerings into the rare sector of yacht management. With the business insightfulness of MarineMax prompting it, and Bob Saxon at the top spot, MarineMax’s all new Mega Yacht associate would be seen as an instant worldwide industry leader in this area. (more…)

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April 7, 2016 / by index / Marine / No Comments

Alex Thomson’s Hugo Boss vessel found after ten years

Alex Thomson, the yacht captain, abandoned a boat in the Southern Ocean in the 2006-2007 season Velux 5 Oceans Race and now it has been discovered on a South American beach. Rolex Enterprise Award winner Cristian Donoso found IMOCA 60 Hugo Boss yacht tuckered out on the Patagonian coast in Chile during a canoeing expedition in recent months in the Bernardo O’Higgins National Park.
Based on wind and currents, the adventurer approximated the yacht would have journeyed some 2000 kilometers (i.e. around 13000 miles) from where Thomson was pushed to abandon it, in order to reach its last resting spot near the southern tip of South America.
Thomson shared Donoso’s tale on his Facebook account which said: “A couple of weeks [ago] during an expedition to go kayaking … by the desolate coast of Patagonia Sahara, we discovered inside the National Park Bernardo O’Higgins the yacht ‘Hugo boss’, the British Skipper Alex Thomson lost in 2006, 1,000 miles south of South Africa during the round the world velux 5 OCEANS.”
It further stated that to get to the coast, the ‘Hugo boss’ yacht had to travel over 20000 km adrift, pushed by the currents and winds, crossing the Indian and Pacific Oceans, and going to the south of national like India, Australia, New Zealand and Saudi Arabia.


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November 6, 2015 / by admin / Marine / No Comments

Newport Race brings in new Super Yacht Division

A new Super Yacht Division has been launched by the Bermuda Race Organizing Committee in reply to the interest of the captains from yachts more than 90 feet on deck, with few rules in place for the brand new division that would be included in 2016 Newport Bermuda Race.

According to the Bermuda Race Organizing Committee in reply to all the expressions of interest from the owners as well as yacht captains over 90′ on deck, Bermuda Race Organizing Committee has brought in a Super Yacht Division.
The Super Yacht Division would go under similar regulations that are quite different from the rest of the group, and on a different rhumb line. (more…)

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