Club 420 Midwinter Championship Concludes

One of the recently concluded regatta events is Club 420 Midwinter championship.

This regatta was held from 18th to 20th February of this year. There were about 103 boats which participated in the event. It was held on the Jensen beach in Florida, not far from the Tampa Bay area where the Caribbean regatta was in session as well. While the Tampa Bay area has class A catamarans as part of the competitions held during the weekend, the Midwinter championship followed a racing format where races were held for two days through the qualifying rounds. The fleet was then divided into silver and god divisions as per their performances.

The regatta faced their share of weather challenges. The winds were shifty and light, though later parts of the days it was more ideal for sailing. Sailors like Olivia de Olazarra and Tucker Weed were leading in their respective categories and were announced winners on the final day.

There were others who put up great performances as well, such as Jack DeNatale and Jack Johansson. Being part of Team Chill, this team showcased great speed and gained top scores in the qualifying rounds. However, Tucker and Olivia also stayed close to the Jacks so that their scores were comparable, being a difference of four points or so. Others like Ivan and Claudia also gained third position in the qualifying rounds. However, on the final day of the races Tucker and Olivia stayed steady and overcame the deficit, which helped them to be winners of the 2017 Midwinter championship. Those who watched the regatta had an exciting weekend here as it is one of the few regattas to be held at such time of the year. Indeed, Florida makes it possible due to the warmer waters found here that helps make the regatta events akin to pleasant weekend holidays for the sightseers.