GC32 Fifth Season On Swing

Just like past years, in 2017 as well the GC32 Racing Tour will maintain its position of fastest and most adventurous event; the circuit is offering the ‘best possible foiling experience’ to participants and will give an easy access to five regatta circuits spanning southern Europe.

In the event those with owner-drivers and the team of professional can participate. The 2017 GC32 Racing Tour involves visit of European sailing venues that are top class and will also offer the best chance of sailing in flat water and 10-20 knot winds; it is the condition that will promote finest foiling during the race. Just like part tours this year too; the races will remain short, but destinations will allow large courses to be so. Thus the catamarans who love speed will get complete adventure.  The catamarans can stretch their legs and crew members can take big experience. With experience they will know why the GC32 Racing Tour is told as one of the fastest one designed in the world.

Five events that will take place in championship in the year 2017 have been finalized and confirmed. Three venues are also declared, for other two venues organizers of the GC32 Racing Tour are in talk with authorities of European venues and it is expected that other two destinations will also be declared soon.

Fraglia Vela Riva will host the event, it is located in Riva Del Garda; present in the lake’s northern corner. Last year GC32 Racing Tour was opened at Riva Del Garda only and here speed record of 39.7 knots was set by Team Tilt. The record was for GC32. The event is going to be a big hit this year too, and people are hope full that this year some new records will be created and old ones will be broken.