Martinique Regatta Flying In Forte De France

Along the roasting 3o degrees Celsius of the day, a race was held between classes which were the second day of Martinique Regatta Flying. It is the Carribean’s first regatta which has been exclusively held for foiling boats.

Before this, three races had been held of Karibea Sea Challenge. The first winners from the classes got to the ultimate Sea Challenge and the winner will be rewarded with a free holiday.

Axel Mazella won all the seven races while the other person held the second position. The versatile skipper Morgan Lagraviere finished third with his new and a different discipline. Mazella was seen to be faster as he was observed to be lapping competitors. According to him, their success is an attribute to their competing internationally in IKA Gold Cup. The young 20-year-old has registered himself in the world.

Among the WindFoilers, Trevor Caraes secured success. Thomas Lequesne secured the second position while Mathurin Jovlet was third. Along the line, Helene Noesmoen also managed to secure the fourth position who has been a three-time RS:X Youth World Champion.

It is to see, the upcoming race has been tipped to be very exciting. The conditions are suitable with around 15 knots blowing in the desired direction. It is with the partnership of the Sirius Events that this Regatta Race has been conducted and it is set to boost the tourism activity in this French port City. The climatic temperature is set to be extremely cool and there will be a rough patch at times when the racers will have to push the throttle ahead of the other runners. But on the overall, this is set to be a smooth ride. This race will also have the Youth Champion who won the events at the Miami event.