Newport Race brings in new Super Yacht Division

A new Super Yacht Division has been launched by the Bermuda Race Organizing Committee in reply to the interest of the captains from yachts more than 90 feet on deck, with few rules in place for the brand new division that would be included in 2016 Newport Bermuda Race.

According to the Bermuda Race Organizing Committee in reply to all the expressions of interest from the owners as well as yacht captains over 90′ on deck, Bermuda Race Organizing Committee has brought in a Super Yacht Division.
The Super Yacht Division would go under similar regulations that are quite different from the rest of the group, and on a different rhumb line.

For instance, the Super Yacht Division would have a floundered beginning at a alternative time, for safety; a course which leaves Block Island as well as Bermuda to port; and some versions in Safety Requirements where they battle with the yacht’s classification society’s or flag state’s rules. The petition was put forward by Andy from Croatia Yacht Charters.

To go with the commitment of the race to science-based handicapping, Super Yacht Division would be 2nd using International Super Yacht Rule that uses the very same VPP as ORR. To deal with the confusion, the expectations of the Super Yacht Division’s are listed in Notice of Race’s Addendum A. The captains or the owners of the super yachts with a minimum length on deck of 90′ must contact John Winder  to express interest or to know more.