Oman Air At ESS San Diego

In the ESS San Diego chapter Oman Air has been able to keep their place on the podium. The series chapter that is ongoing in San Diego saw the team Oman Air hold onto their positions after the third day which was a challenging one. The conditions for sailing were changing due to the unpredicted breeze direction. As a result the races were tightly contested. The harbor course for the race led to several opportunities that led to bigger gains and often bigger losses for certain vessels of the fleet each of which were GC32 catamarans of high speed foiling nature.


There were solid results that were the outcome of the races. There were two second positions, but the Oman Air was ahead of Red Bull team by four points. The penultimate day ended with BAR having 11 points behind the team Oman Air as per the leader board positions.

Among those who fared better was the SAP Extreme Sailing team. They were able to take four wins and gained two positions among the seven races that they sailed as on the third day in the competition that took place in southern California. The winners were Alinghi in the San Diego chapter where the Danish boat finished with an advantage of 14 points that gave them an edge over the leaders. As the San Diego chapter comes to a close, there is one more day to go and then the finale will come up in Mexico next month. Those who are followers of the Extreme Sailing Series will look forward to seeing the next chapter resume.

Al Mashari who is bowman aboard Oman Air stated that the team found it crucial to maintain a position on the podium. That would help them resume the final chapter, which would be held in Los Cabos, Mexico and it keeps chances open of taking the title as well.