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New Walker Club Sailing Team

There were not too many options in front of Carlyn Blauvelt. Too old to compete in Optimist sailing boats, Walker, sophomore which is 15 years old could have competed in Laser boats. However, to compete with the USA, sophomore needed affiliation with high school so as to race in 2 person 420 sailboats.

Hence, the Blauvelt sisters formed a team of their own. They wanted to come up with a sailing team that was competitive enough to keep them going. The director of Walker athletics Leigh Block said that he gave them a green signal to form a club team.

The two sisters felt that their classmates would find it joyful and they also had a dream to represent the school. The club team helped them gain access to their aspirations. It was indeed a great sense of achievement for the two sisters as per the director. (more…)

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