ESS San Diego Ends

For those who have been following the Extreme Sailing Series that was on in San Diego would have seen the close finishes that the teams had which was concluded this week. The SAP Extreme Sailing team one to put in a great performance which brought the lead of Alinghi to dwindle when the seventh act was underway at the extreme sailing series.


There were six races in total that the fleet of world class standards took part in. The crowd got to see the exciting foiling action up closes as well as nosedives that were hair rising. The Danish team puts in four “bullet like performances” to climb to the second spot. The SAP team later stated that the sailing had been fantastic and there had been a lot of breeze that helped to make the races exhilarating. The team sharpened up after the first day of the race and the rest of the day there were perfect maneuvers that they made.

Alinghi reached the podium four times in the six races and had a win, which has given them an overnight lead though the margin is a narrow one. The Team Extreme San Diego had Morgan Larson as the skipper who had also been a champion in a former series. He reminded the fleet that he could give them an epic finish that was a close race. The second place finish that they obtained was a delight to watch as well. He admits that the bottom positions that they started with had caused some disappointments, but they did work on their techniques that resulted in them gaining a better position. Larson stated that the event and the venue were great as well and the crowd cheering for the local boat also made a big difference. The extreme series stood up to the features that it is known for in this chapter even.