Baldwin Cup Race 2019

The Baldwin Cup race was held recently, their 2019th edition and its venue was Newport Beach, California. There was a close competition for three days in the Newport Beach area and it might not be a coincidence that the local team won the trophy.

The winner of the 2019 edition of Baldwin Cup was Newport Harbor Yacht Club. Their team, nicknamed Lightning, won first place while second place was claimed by Larchmont Yacht Club. The championship was a close one, especially on the last day. The sail off between the first and the second teams started with a light breeze of six knots which then built to 12 knots in the westerly direction.

The yacht club of Larchmont Harbor was beaten by Team Lightning by three races in the finals. This was a win for the first time by Team Lightning which made them feel triumphant. Among the crew members was Caleb Silby who had sailed with several teams of NHYC. Indeed, many feel that his participation had much to do in bolstering their chances to succeed.

This year’s race saw the winners being decided in the last 10 feet remaining. It was a close contest between the teams, sailing being of the stadium style. Viewers, 300 in number, could enjoy the competition in the waters as they sat by the dock area of the clubhouse. The regatta chairman Jeff Gordon, stated that the weather had been perfect and the regatta was a successful one due to the sponsorship of JP Morgan Chase, Goslings Rum and Dry Creek Vineyard. The financial institution has been the main sponsor for the event for the last six years. The sponsors were also happy with the turnout, in the way the event was organized with guests and clients getting the best views of the event.