10 comments on “Missouri River Boating – 2012”

  1. Dj Miller says:
  2. john tomco says:

    i was hoping for rougher water so I could see your girls boobies shake more

  3. JetMechMA says:

    This is Omaha Nebraska headed north on the Missouri river from Harrah’s

  4. Jennifer Turnbough says:


  5. JetMechMA says:

    Two words…..Ryan Oneil.

  6. JetMechMA says:

    4:00…totally fascinating….a double swing bridge. I didn’t think such a
    thing existed in the US.

  7. JetMechMA says:

    Hey thanks for taking us along on your boat trip. I’ve always wondered what
    it is like being on the river. Thanks again.

  8. JetMechMA says:

    What’s that thing at 13:35? Looks like maybe an old power station, or water
    intake plant. Am I close?

  9. Ben Schaefer says:

    Bodacious Ta-Ta’s

  10. Bill Eaton says:

    Lindsay Lohan onboard

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